The Wooster Forum 1998

Educating Ourselves for the New Millennium

David Halberstam

Then and Now

September 10th

Robert Glenn Ketchum

Alaska and the Arctic North: The Future of American Resource Conservation

September 24th

Gerald Early

The Advantages and Disadvantages of African-American Studies Today

September 30th

Iris Chang

The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II

October 8th

Laura D’Andrea Tyson

Placing American Economic Issues in a Global Perspective

October 20th

Janet H. Murray

The God in the Machine: How the Computer Can Make Us More Human

October 29th

Faculty Panel: Richard Bell, Alphine Jefferson, Josephine Wright and Mary Young

DuBois’s Transcendent Vision: An Educational Agenda for the 21st Century

November 4th

The India Music Ensemble with Patrick Marks

A Concert with Narration

November 11th


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