The Wooster Forum 1999

Visions and Realities at Century’s End

Diana L. Eck

Common Ground? The Challenge of Religious Pluralism in America

September 7th

Patricia J. Williams

Seeing a Color Blind Future

September 16th

James McBride

The Color of Water: A Mediation on Identity

October 12th

Thomas F. Banchoff

Fourth Dimension: From “Flatland” to the Internet

October 21st

Faculty Panel: Jeffery S. Lantis, Carolyn A. Durham, Matthew Krain, Marilyn D. Loveless, and John W. Sell

Globalization: Prospects and Perils

October 26th

Tess Gallagher

False Sky and Other Means of Transport in Poetry and Prose

November 11th

Jeanette Sorrell

Getting a Handle on Bach (concert)

November 17th

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